Sunday, January 23, 2011

East German Retro?


On sale at B&Q for £4.99. very well made, very solid and bought because I thought the design had value, in a Bauhaus-sort’ a-way.

What I particularly love is it's red colour and the chrome. For a while I liked these red's and I have found that you can get this colour as a houshold gloss from Crown Paint called "Scooter Red” which when dried is a great high-gloss that looks great on old furniture or to strengthen an old piece wicker, perhaps chairs that needs reinforcing although I use it to paint old baskets and wooden trays... Cath Kidston

I have found out why it was so cheep!

In Europe now, the only light bulbs available are “smart bulbs”, which are all too big. The is an old design and only takes the older smaller globe bulbs that came out in the1970’s. Back then those bulbs looked very modern now and would still work but unobtainable.

To cut a longer story short, I went with a heavy spot, to give it an ambiguous look…

I think it would have been a good fit at that recent V&A exhibit on East German design >>>>

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